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Iron Arm Engineering

Iron Arm Engineering (IAE) is a leading manufacturer of machinery within the coconut industry. IAE is located in Daluwakotuwa Kochchikade, in the tropical Island, Sri Lanka.

IAE commenced as a small workshop by Mr Charles Appuhamy, with his hard work and dedication towards the business he was able to divert the small workshop into a modern factory with more staff and machinery along with the latest inventions in the world. IAE carries knowledge of three generations who also worked on machinery in the coconut industry throughout Sri Lanka .

IAE possesses a wide range of machinery from Screw conveyors, Coconut steam blanching screw conveyor, coconut grading machine(shifter), coconut milk extracting machine, disintegrator machine, vibrating conveyor, desiccated coconut cutter machine to any other similar kind of machinery within the industry.

IAE is highly popular throughout the country for the quality and surface finish of its machinery. We are dedicated to provide nothing but the best QUALITY machinery within the industry.

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"The Best place to Transform your Dreams into a Reality"


To be the leading supplier of machinery within the industry by providing machines with the highest quality and the best surface finish ,ensuring machines with high machineability and performance to the entire world .


To be the most reliable supplier of automated machinery within the coconut industry , thereby enhancing the quality of products in order to meet customer satisfaction.


We manufacture the machine at our factory and assemble them at your workplace .